Program Length 300 Hours (4 semesters)

The Nursery Management program prepares students for employment in the horticulture and landscape industries as first-line supervisors/managers of landscaping and grounds keeping; nursery and greenhouse managers; landscape or horticulture specialists; landscape gardeners; park workers; gardeners; special effects landscapers; landscape or horticulture professionals; landscape supervisors; first-line supervisors of landscaping and horticulture; production and nursery supervisors; and horticulture technicians.

The content includes instruction pertaining to an understanding of plant physiology and growth; plant nutrition and fertilization; plant classification and identification; pest control; pruning and shaping plants; maintenance of landscape plants; equipment maintenance; and employability and human relations skills.  This  program also prepares for industry certification as a horticulture professional and landscape technician.




Program Length 155 Hours

Program content includes but is not limited to source water or influent characterisitics; treatment facility unit processes and operational techniques; water quality and identification; identifying treatment goals and measuring their achievement; disinfection; process control techniques; sampling, testing, and laboratory analysis; supervision; operation maintenance and inspection of facility equipment; application of current dEP regulations and standards; facility administration and management techniques; and troubleshooting operational control problems.  The emphasis is on skills that are needed for effective treatment process control and troubleshooting.