Student Withdrawal

Purpose:  Withdrawing from Flagler Technical Institute can have a significant financial impact.  Every student is highly encouraged to fully read the withdrawal policy and to carefully consider the information before making a decision to withdraw.

It is critical that all students who elect to leave Flagler Technical Institute for reasons other than graduation officially withdraw from the Institute in writing. It is the responsibility of the student to read and understand the complete withdrawal and refund policy.

Non-attendance does not relieve a student of his/her financial obligations nor entitle a student to a refund. Official withdrawal requires that the student to meet with their Program Facilitator who will initiate a formal withdrawal....

Questions regarding the financial impact of the withdrawal should be directed to the Financial Aid Specialist before your withdrawal is processed. 

After the withdrawal, Finance will complete the calculations for refunding of any unearned tuition and fees.  A financial audit is completed on the account of a student upon withdrawal. Refunds to the student may take up to 60 days.

The withdrawal form is available on the website at and from the administrative office.  The withdrawal policy is subject to change every academic year.