Health Science

Health Science programs are designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in the health field. Through specific competencies and clinical rotations, where they work alongside professionals, students will gain valuable insight into their chosen field.  Communication and interpersonal skills, employability skills, work attitudes including teamwork and leadership skills, problem solving and critical thinking skills are stressed throughout the entire program.

Program Length: 1300 hours / 12 months
The Medical Assisting program prepares students for employment primarily in a medical office or clinic. The comprehensive course content includes: legal/ethical issues, safety and emergency preparedness including CPR/First Aid, infection control concepts/procedures, medical terminology, health/wellness concepts, anatomy and physiology, disease processes/conditions, medical office function/administration, information/medical records management, coding/billing/health insurances, patient preparation including obtaining a patient history and vital signs, assisting with basic medical examination/minor surgical procedures, minor treatments, basic patient education, phlebotomy, medical office laboratory procedures, EKG, pharmaceutical principles and medication administration. The student will be prepared to take a certification examination through the American Medical Technologist (AMT).
PELL Approved
OPEID 04158300
Campus location: Flagler Palm Coast High School, 5500 E. Highway 100, Palm Coast, FL  32164
U.S. Department of Education CIP:  51.0801
Level: Undergraduate Certificate


Program Length: 120 Hours/ 4 Weeks

This program is designed to prepare students for employment as nursing assistants, nursing aides, and orderlies, and nurse aides in nursing homes.  The content includes, but is not limited to, interpersonal skills, medical terminology, legal and ethical responsibilities, safe and efficient work, gerontology, nutrition, pet-facilitated therapy, health and safety, including Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)-heart saver level, and employability skills.

This is a Part-Time program.


Program Length: 290 hours / 4.5 months days  or
                                               5.5 months evenings
The Patient Care Assistant program prepares students for employment as advanced cross-trained Patient Care Assistants, Nursing Aides and Orderlies, Home Health Aides, or Allied Health Assistants. This program offers a broad foundation of knowledge and skills for both acute and long term care settings. Students will be skilled to work in nursing homes, home health agencies, and hospitals. Successful completion of this program will prepare a student to take the state test for certification as a Nursing Assistant.
This is a Part-Time program.

Program Length: 600 hours / 9 months evenings
This program is to prepare students as advanced allied health assistants. Building on the Patient Care Assistant program and the specific skills required of caregivers in the nursing home, home health and hospital setting, the student will develop skills in phlebotomy, EKG aide and EKG monitor technician. As an EKG aide, the student will have an understanding of the cardiovascular system, identify legal and ethical responsibilities of the EKG aide and demonstrate knowledge of medical instrumentation in performing electrocardiograph recordings. The EKG monitor tech will be able to include skills of identifying abnormal cardiac rhythms and understanding of more complicated testing modalities. Upon completion, a certification is offered through the National Healthcare Association.
This is a Part-Time program.
PELL Approved
OPEID: 04158300
Campus location: Flagler Palm Coast High School, 5500 E. Highway 100, Palm Coast, Florida 32164
U.S. Department of Education CIP:  70.699
Level: Undergraduate Certificate

Financial Aid Information:  All prospective students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at .  Once completed, the student will receive an email response within 5 days and must bring a copy to FTI for a financial aid counselor to review and verify.  Once finances have been established, an appointment will be made with the Program Manager for registration and orientation.