2016 Florida Literacy Conference

Pictured left to right: Representative from Florida Blue, Sharon Hackney from Florida Blue, Sue Warner, and Greg Smith from Florida Literacy Coalition


Sue Warner graciously accepts the Florida Literacy Coalition/Florida Blue contribution for the New Beginnings Program at the 2016 Florida Literacy Conference.  New Beginnings has been awarded this Health Literacy Grant for six years and a unique aspect of the project includes the planting, maintaining and harvesting of raised gardens which are located directly on the campus. New Beginnings students will receive instruction on the proper care of the garden and the nutritional values of the foods they are growing, and will be given recipes as well as cooking opportunities for these foods.  In addition, students' children will be introduced to new nutritional meals.  In project-based learning activities related to the Health Literacy Instructional Program, students will compile recipes that they have actually prepared using the harvest of the box gardens as well as low-cost nutritional recipes that they will bring home to utilize as they cook nutitional meals for their families.