Student Success

      Alexis Johnson, Patient Care Assistant Graduate, 2013


When Alexis enrolled in the Patient Care Assistant (PCT) program at Flagler Technical Institute (FTI) she and her father, a local orthodontist, met with instructor, Kathryn Weed, to discuss the program in detail.  According to Alexis, her dad researched the program and shared with her the benefits of the program as a stepping stone to nursing, his ultimate goal for Alexis.  Originally, Alexis said that she was not very interested in nursing.  At one point she considered ultrasound technician, but like many people seeking a career in the health field, Alexis admits that she didn't know enough about it to decide. PCT is a great foundation for any career in the health field.  This certification also allows one to make a meaningful wage and gain industry experience while continuing their education.

When asked if she was influenced by anyone in her decision, she smiled and said "definitely my dad.  He's more of a hands-on person."  However, she quickly added that her whole family supports her efforts.

 Alexis entered the PCT program at the age of 16, and according to her instructor, with a "maturity and confidence well beyond her years". "She was always ahead on her assignments and eager to learn and do more", according to Ms .Weed.

Once Alexis entered the hospital setting for her clinical experiences in PCT, she became more interested in nursing.  When asked how this program helped in her decision to go on to nursing, Alexis commented, "I enjoyed working with patients and solving problems in patient care.  I liked the electrocardiogram (EKG) part.  It gave me an aspect of the patient I couldn't see."  She verbalized that nursing has a broader interpretation with more knowledge and skills.  "You can figure out problems or situations to make things better for the patient".  To her, ultrasound became "too specific".  After meeting and talking to nurses and student nurses, she realized that with more education, she could see more and do more and advance in the field.

After graduation from FTI, Alexis did some private duty work with her Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certification, which is part of the PCT program, and then was hired as a PCT in January at Florida Hospital-Flagler.  She is also currently enrolled at Daytona State College in the Associates Degree Nursing program where she will get involved in highly technical areas like ICU, OR and Cath Lab.

When asked where she sees herself in 5 years, Alexis said without hesitation, "I graduate in May and will take my boards right after.  Then get hired as a Registered Nurse (RN) in critical care for 2 years so I can be accepted into a nurse anesthetist program.  Then complete my BSN (Bachelor Of Science in Nursing)."

When asked if she had any suggestions for someone contemplating a career in the health field, Alexis explained that people need to see themselves in a broader sense,.  She suggests a program like PCT, volunteering in the field, and job shadowing to get a broad understanding of what is available in the health career field.  She wisely noted that all areas see an aspect of helping the patient, but each should ask themselves what they would enjoy. 


Patient Care Assistant Student Activity - Voluntary Prekindergarten Hand Washing        

The Patient Care Assistant program of Flagler Technical Institute was at it again!  Each semester the students in the program go to VPK classes in Bunnell to demonstrate hand washing to 4- year olds and promote how to stop the spread of "germs".  



Each class hears about why they should wash their hands, when to wash their hands, and how to wash through either a song, story or picture posters.  And each child earns a prize for their efforts.  What really makes an impact is that these children go home and show their siblings what they've learned.  So everyone benefits from this fun experience! 



Medical Coder Biller Student Activity-Synergy Billing 

  Medical Coder/Biller program students stand in front of Synergy Billing in Daytona Beach.  Students are preparing to sit for the American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC) exam for the credential of CPC (Certified Professional Coder).  Upon completion of their classroom work, these students will interview for an internship with Synergy where they will receive unique on the job training which combines classroom learning with hands-on-training.  Synergy Billing is the industry's leading revenue cycle management firm working exclusively with Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCS).