Program Description

Life Skills 3 program is designed to provide lifelong learning activities, training services and continuing education to persons with special needs by enhancing self-worth, independency, functional abilities, self-confidence and integration into the surrounding community.

We Offer Training In:
Personal Management Skills by engaging students in activities that enable independence and improve self-awareness. Some examples are learning about modes of transportation, personal hygiene and health, shopping, cooking, computer skills and community resources.

Social Skills by teaching acceptable behaviors in various situations via role-playing, instruction, and experience/ exposure to real interactions while in the community or facility.

Community Based Instruction (CBI) is provided to groups on a scheduled basis. The goal is to provide a variety of hands on learning opportunities to help individuals acquire the skills needed to live in the world today. Each individual has an AIEP with specific objectives they will be working on. Reading, writing, language, math and science subjects are incorporated into functional activities. Individuals learn skills such as; money handling, counting change, how to pay for goods and services, banking, budgeting, time concepts, time management, planning and scheduling. Reading and writing skills are taught to enable individuals to use functional materials such as cookbooks, directions, applications, maps, schedules, planners, environmental signs and work related information. Individuals learn to use adaptive aids such as checklists, cue cards, picture symbols, etc. CBI does not replace classes but complements them to provide a wide array of experiences.

Leisure/Physical Fitness/Recreation is provided each afternoon to enhance fine motor skills, eye/hand coordination, recreational play, and leisure activities to promote personal and social development. Activities are done both on and off site via outings to our local parks where all individuals are encouraged to engage in the offerings of the park’s facilities such as paddle ball, tennis, softball, kite flying, volleyball, etc. Also individuals who are interested are taught to fish and crab.

Pre-employment Activities are taught to those individuals wishing to obtain skills needed to obtain competitive employment such as resume writing, filling out employment forms, understanding employment options and encouraging participation in the Department of Education’s Vocational Rehab Program.